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Campionato di Arti Marziali Cinesi a Gradisca d’Isonzo
14 aprile 2013
Open to all world associations and athletes of all styles: Kung Fu, Taiji and modern Wushu.
Palazzetto via Campi, 30 – 34072- Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO)
Promoter: ASD Tiger Club
8:30 Welcoming athletes, registration and coaches meeting
9:00 Start of competitions and games Trophy Kung Fu Panda
9:30 Start competitions Taolu basic forms (Children-Boys)
13:30 Awards “6° Trophy Kung Fu Panda”
14:00 Start Taolu competition (Cadets-Over)
18:30 (approximately) conclusion and awards

5-7 years old Children
8-10 years old Kids
11-13 years old Boys
14-17 years old Cadets
18-21 years old Juniors
22-35 years old Senior
36 no limits Over

Per le iscrizioni rivolgersi al proprio istruttore! info tel 3383115771
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